Gayane Yerkanyan

Graphic artist, 

NOR-DADA, Site specific typographic installation with video art and wall art.

Gayane Yerkanyan was born in Yerevan, Armenia in 1989. Gayane holds a Bachelor’s in design from Yerevan’s Academy of the Arts (2009), and a Master’s from the Utrecht School of the Arts (2014). Gayane worked for Armenia’s state of the art TUMO Center for Creative Technologies from 2011 to 2016 intermittently, where she oversaw Graphic Design, web, and interface Concept Development. Her work often involves decontextualizing Armenian letters to offer new visual and symbolic meanings. She uses the letter and its subsequent permutations as a metaphor for the individual trying to define herself as both autonomous and a part of society. Gayane seeks to redefine modernity by exploring traditional art forms in order to simultaneously connect to, and break free from, the past. She is passionate about different art forms, which feed off of one another: dance inspires her to see new shapes in letters, and music gives her visual rhythm. Gayane is currently based in Amsterdam where she lives and works.

Aram Atamian

Performance artist,

"By(r)0n1k" a performance lecture

Aram Atamian is a performance artist based in Yerevan, Armenia and the US East Coast. He creates work that examines human desire and spiritual longing in the fragmented context of contemporary digital communication platforms; it usually corrals together elements of drag performance, dance, body-based durational performance, sound installation, and both original and pre-existing texts. Recent works include WHO WILL PAY FOR THIS WALL?, a four day durational piece at HAYP Pop Up Gallery in Yerevan; "Ինչ կա-չկա / ne var ne yok", a collaborative dance piece by Duygu Bostanci currently touring Armenia and Turkey, realized through the Hrant Dink Foundation and the EU's Turkey-Armenia Normalization process;  and FADE-OUT, a trio of performances created for the Dorchester Art Project, Boston. He originally trained in classical acting at the Bristol Old Vic and RADA, and is an MFA candidate at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.