Nor Dada – grammar of deconstruction

A site-specific installation by Gayane Yerkanyan for HAYP Pop Up Gallery at the European Cultural Centre's international exhibit, "Personal Structures: No Borders".
In the context of the 57th Venice International Art Biennale.


Rooted in dadaist philosophy, NOR DADA embraces deconstruction as a tool for liberating art from ideological and moral constraints, challenging established structures, and providing opportunities for exploration into new conceptions of modernity. 


The Installation: 

A site-specific, multi-media typographic installation by artist Gayane Yerkanyan. Gayane deconstructs Armenian typography into abstract "non-sense" formal elements, accompanied by video art and augmented reality experience.

The Performance

A performance lecture written and devised by Aram Atamian, in which a sonnet by 19th century English poet, Lord Byron, is translated, dismantled, and reassembled in order to explore the limits of deconstruction in relation to the transfer of meaning. Themes of otherness, cultural appropriation, and translation are inherent to the work.

As Gayane's typographic deconstructions visually dismantle traditional symbols into abstract form, questions of translation (of language, imagery, and meanings) are also explored through the auditory experience of "By(r)0n1k", a performance lecture by Aram Atamian.


The European Cultural Centre is hosting during the 2017 Venice Art Biennale "PERSONAL STRUCTURES - open borders" at Palazzo Mora and Palazzo Bembo.

HAYP Pop Up Gallery is joining "PERSONAL STRUCTURES" with an installation on the 3rd floor of Palazzo Mora. 

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